Fitness workouts and exercises.

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Chronofit is the simplest and most customizable workout app there is. It allows you to build workouts by choosing from a continuously growing database of exercises categorized by type, level and muscle group.

Share your workouts and join the community, it's totally free!


  • Build your own workouts

    Create personalized interval workouts with both the community’s exercices and your own exercises.

  • Discover new workouts

    Browse the workouts made by the community.

  • Explore the exercises

    Find the perfect exercise based on exercise type and muscle group with step-by-step instructions.

  • Included timer for you workouts

    Use the built-in timer to play a workout directly from within the app.

  • Classic timer mode

    Use the timer mode to manage your rest times and sets. It's fully customizable!

  • Track your progress

    Take pictures everyday to make sure that you don't miss anything and turn your transformation into an awesome time lapse video or animated gif.